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CyberSecurity Maturity Assessments

Capability Maturity Model Assessments

MISSION INSIGHT can assess your current state Security Governance functionality & work with your Security Team to mature to a new Capability Maturity Model level.

NIST SP 800-37 rev1/2 & 800-53 rev4/5

MISSION INSIGHT can construct a Security Governance that is built on the business foundation of the CyberSecurity Framework (CSF) and the technical foundation of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) to maximize your effectiveness in the identification of the few vulnerabilities that have the highest probability of exploitation. 

State of Maryland - MDTHINK Initiative

MISSION INSIGHT is presently engaged with the State of Maryland in a support role providing a process driven Security Governance capability maturity model assessment to ensure the highest standards are met in securing the IT AWS infrastructure.


Data Driven Intelligence Insights

Market & Competitive Intelligence Consulting Services


Data Supported Process Improvement Solutions

Operational improvements to business processes driving profitability & competitive advantage. Focusing on the People, Process & Technologies that drive your business


Government Contracting Partner

Partnering opportunities as a Veteran's Administration certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) supporting the Administration & General Management Consulting Services




Federal & State Government Contracting Opportunities

MISSION INSIGHT is prepared to partner with your firm when there is a contract 'set-aside' requirement to have a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) component that supports either an Administration & General Management Consulting Services, ITILv3 ITSM, Marketing or a Business Process Management (BPM) government contract. 

MISSION INSIGHT, under an agreement with SQN SYSTEMS INC. & Momentum Inc. is currently supporting the State of Maryland MDTHINK PMO, focusing on strategies and process definition for Data Governance, Vulnerability Management and Incident Response that meets the requirements of NIST SP 800-37, NIST SP 800-53 and other supporting compliance as well as aligning to the latest version of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework- v1.1 (CSF). 

The following are the NAICS Codes that MISSION INSIGHT can support in support of your Federal contracting needs. 



Federal & State Government Contracting Vendor Market Intelligence Support

MISSION INSIGHT provides Market & Competitive Intelligence consulting for Vendors bidding on Federal & State Government contracts.  

How well do you know those vendors that may be bidding against you on your next government contract?


Current Contract Vehicle

MI Scope: Design & process definition of a Vulnerability Management  & Incident Response Governance

MD THINK Contract Vehicle


ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR) was awarded over $195 million in federal funding to build a groundbreaking technology platform that will transform the state’s ability to deliver vital human services to Marylanders. Maryland’s Total Human-services Information Network, or MD THINK, is a cloud-based data repository that will break down traditional silos and data barriers between state agencies and provide integrated access to programs administered by agencies including DHR, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Department of Juvenile Services, and the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. The administration dedicated nearly $14 million in funding for this effort in the FY 2017 budget.

“MD THINK, the first program of its kind in the nation, will completely transform our ability to deliver vital human services to Marylanders and finally bring our service delivery into the 21st century,” said Governor Hogan. “With MD THINK, we will have the ability to provide help to Marylanders where they are and when they need it through a holistic approach to care that cuts through the bureaucratic red tape.”

“I very distinctly remember showing our plans to the governor for MD THINK 16 months ago and explaining how this new approach can improve service delivery to the vulnerable children and families,” said Sam Malhotra. “The governor’s commitment to this project is the reason why we are here. The $14 million in funding the administration invested in this effort is now a $200 million program to help Maryland children and families.”

To unveil MD THINK, Governor Hogan was joined by Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, DHR Secretary Lourdes Padilla and Deputy Secretary Greg James, Secretary of Juvenile Services Sam Abed, Labor Secretary Kelly Schulz, as well as Chief of Staff Sam Malhotra, who had the original vision for MD THINK during his tenure as DHR Secretary, and advocates from leading social services organizations.

MD THINK is the product of two years of work by DHR and other agencies to develop an innovative design and project plan to modernize the state’s human services technology infrastructure and customer service process. MD THINK’s use of a scalable, pay-as-you-go, cloud-based platform is expected to deliver significant cost savings, streamline program operations, and increase agency productivity. Most importantly, enhanced data analytics will better enable state agencies to deliver the highest levels of service to Marylanders. The state applied for federal funds in November 2016, and $195 million in funding was awarded in February 2017. The General Assembly released $13.8 million from the administration’s FY 2017 budget in February 2017, allowing the state to access the federal funds and move forward with the development of MD THINK.

Phase one of MD THINK will focus on revolutionizing service delivery for the most vulnerable Marylanders, including children in foster care, disconnected youth, and families in need. For the first time, caseworkers will be provided tablet devices, enabling them to provide services in the field as opposed to having to return to a central location to input data, saving time and resources.

Improving customer service and making state government more efficient and effective are among the core promises Governor Hogan made to Marylanders during his campaign. The administration became focused on the need for a statewide revamp of technology infrastructure after the riots in Baltimore, when it became clear that, while the state had data showing areas of poverty, areas of high unemployment, and areas with transportation challenges, that data wasn’t able to be used in a holistic manner to help the state determine how to best direct resources. The administration recognized the need to move state government systems into the 21st century.

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What is Market Intelligence & why do I need it?

It is defined as the action of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers making strategic decisions for an organization. 

MISSION INSIGHT serves both the Government Contracting & Private Sectors in support of Market & Competitive Intelligence service offerings. 

MISSION INSIGHT will provide the Market Intelligence INSIGHT that drives the corrective operational strategies for your Government Contracting or Private Sector MISSION


Forensic insight

The 'Business Gap'


Consider questions such as:

  • Do you fully understand what strategies might your competition use to oppose you?

  • Do you have the intelligence insight to know with whom might your competitors team up with to help them win the contract your firm is bidding on?

  • Is there insight quickly available to you to identify what key unique selling proposition (USP) your competitors might use against your next government contract bid?

  • Who are your top competitors that you are competing with and does this list change according to the Government Agency you are bidding on?

  • What are the new competitors in your market landscape and how do they differentiate their services from yours, any insight?

  • How do you rank, measure (KPIs) & track your competitors and do you have live dashboards that report on their strategic direction?

  • Finally, how is your market landscape shifting & is there market intelligence insight to determine your next strategic move in this shifting landscape?


The 'Insight'

Just understanding the most plausible scenarios will help your firm to  sharpen its capture strategy, boosting your probability to win. In an increasingly competitive environment, these finely-honed edges are essential to success. 

The 'Delivery'

You can spend your time trying to do the research yourself or you can turn to someone else with years of experience who can save time and  uncover possibilities that you might not see. MISSION INSIGHT will deliver a comprehensive and easy-to-read document that will provide this  insight into your competition. 




Market & Competitive Intelligence Value

We can build a "CUSTOM" Market Intelligence (MI) capability designed to support your organization's success. 

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We expose the "HIDDEN" data trends in your "unique" data to identify those clues that reveal the gaps that are ideal for process improvement strategies related to operational & competitive landscape opportunities.

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We provide "FORENSIC-BASED" & "METRICS-DRIVEN" insight & process definition to ensure that your business is operating at the maximum operational effectiveness. 

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We view governance as the critical path to "ENSURE" your business is efficient, accountable, & profitable. Our solutions are focused on sustainability & established KPI metrics to measure & manage operational success.


Access your unique Market Intelligence Capability with our encrypted "MI Client Portal". This "MI CLIENT PORTAL" will serve as your central Market Intelligence repository saving you both time & expenses on your end resulting in a positive bottom-line. 

* Coming Soon


MISSION INSIGHT will map your Competitors by our 'Tiered Structured' proprietary process.   Market & Competitive INSIGHT will be readily available at your fingertips to allow you to manage & drive your business strategies. 

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MI Customer Critical Briefs are key 'intel' artifacts that provide a white paper format report on a particular competitor covering topics such financial, leadership, acquisitions, social media presence & campaigns & possible business strategies. 

These are updated quarterly 


Need competitor insight at your finger tips that identify your competitor capabilities in an easy to digest grid?  

This is the ideal MI INTEL solution.

This is updated quarterly or as required based on new insight


MIRadar Viewing:  MI Radar displays a unique pre-defined Tier 1 Competitor on the Competitive Dimension MIRadar to isolate the strengths & weakness of  the competitive match up. The farther from the center, the stronger in  that competitive dimension. Your Company is represented by the BLUE Dot - Dash line. 

How to use: Drive the business conversation to focus on the weakness of the competitor such as "customer service" and away from the head-to-head match up dimensions such as "price" in this 'non actual' data model example.

Mission Insight will map your Competitors and manage the INSIGHT for you to free up time to manage your business key relationships.

This is updated quarterly or as required based on new insight 


The CI Hub is your one-stop intelligence hub that will serve as the primary repository. The CI Hub will be embedded in your encrypted MI Client Portal for ease of access.

* This capability coming soon


Based on the your competitor & market 'INTEL' requirements, MISSION INSIGHT will send to you a daily or weekly CI Morning or Weekly brief highlighting the latest news that will have an impact on your competitive landscape so that your teams can deploy required actionable & timely strategies.


 A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique that involves scanning  the internal and external business environment to determine whether a  specific goal is attainable and what needs to be involved in achieving  that goal. 

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