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What is Market Intelligence?

 Keeping track of your competition and the state of your industry is an  integral part of operating any business. Traditionally, that information  has been termed "market intelligence." In recent years, however, the  practice of collecting market intelligence has expanded to include  analysis and analytics that can help you improve your business model and  projections.

At its core, market intelligence uses multiple  sources of information to create a broad picture of the company's  existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential  for new products and services. Sources of raw data for that analysis  include sales logs, surveys and social media, among many others.

Robert Isenhart, CEO of the business consultancy group Mission Insight, says "it is both easy & extremely affordable for small companies to get started with a common-sense Market Intelligence approach.  The cost of NOT deploying a Market Intelligence capability is a far larger cost to business then the cost of Market Intelligence implementation."

Mission Insight Objectives

 Successful market intelligence answers concrete questions about current  and potential customers and competitors, and helps the company determine  internal strategies & goals. Questions that market intelligence can  address include: 


  • Where should the company devote more resources?
  • Which markets should it try to infiltrate next? 
  • Are there patterns to what our best customers buy?
  • What products could be cross-marketed to existing customers?
  • What requires improvements within your business operations?
  •  Into what demographic segments can the company push new and existing products?

While  there is no set plan for how companies should gather market  intelligence, many do so by performing various forms of high-level  analysis.

Mission Insight  is best positioned to provide that high-level analysis and then the  required improvement initiatives to secure a competitive position that is both actionable & maintainable. 

Receive personalized CI briefings on:


  • Acquisition Intelligence
  • Competitor Financials Intelligence
  • Partners & Vendors Insight
  • Competitive Market Shifts

Review CI reports on:

  • Product Vulnerabilities
  • Competitor Tactics
  • Competitive Landscape - MIRadar
  • Strategy Insight
  • Pricing & Product Strategies

Receive email CI alerts covering:


  • Released RFPs
  • RFP Bidders
  • FOIA Reporting & Tracking
  • Competitor Weaknesses
  • Market Game Changers
  • Market Opportunities

Access our MI Client Portal repository for:


  • Competitor Positioning
  • Regional Market Insight
  • Policy Drivers
  • Pricing and Market Trends
  • Master the CI Landscape
  • Target Growth Opportunities
  • Win Business
  • Save hundreds of hours

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War Game - Why?

The 'War Game' is a well-known and proven process to support 'intel' capture efforts to determine a winning strategy. 

This process starts with extensive  preliminary research & 'INSIGHT' to provide an understanding of one or more likely  or confirmed competitors. 

Our 'War Game' Role

  • Perform all of the preliminary market & competitive intelligence work on the competitive landscape
  • Setup and facilitate the 'War Game' training with the team participants at our on-site war gaming location
  • Facilitate the Black Hat session
  • MISSION INSIGHT will be the War Game team lead
  • Debrief with a post-session report that will arm your team with the winning strategy

Command of the Mission

MISSION INSIGHT with our team of battle proven Veterans, takes this process several steps further by using a collaborative 'military-like' team process to anticipate and better understand probable opposing win strategies.  

Without fail, War Game sessions improve visibility into possibilities for competitive strategies to own their market landscape.

Federal Contracting Support

New Times, New Strategies

Success in the federal market isn’t what it used to be.  Federal contracts have became more competitive. What was once  plentiful is no longer. Change is the new norm. NEW TIMES require NEW STRATEGIES.

What Does Success Look Like

Success – will be achieved through well-developed strategies that are driven by INSIGHT based on thoughtful and thorough market research and analysis, effective competitive intelligence, creative communications, and, above all, highlighting on what you do best, your unique selling proposition. 

Partners Together

Understanding the federal market requires knowledge of ever-changing  policies, contracting trends, risks, and a unique set of barriers to  entry.  The federal market is  just too big to grasp alone. MISSION INSIGHT can be your partner to help you navigate the Federal Contracting waters.