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Process Center Of Excellence

C-level executives worldwide are  feeling increased pressure to improve the performance of their  businesses and their overall profitability. The challenge is to identify  and enhance the existing processes that will make the competitive  difference.

MISSION INSIGHT often works with clients to develop a process ‘Center of Excellence’ (COE).

The purpose of the COE is to enable process improvement from within the  organization via education and training, standardized tool-sets and  methodologies, recruiting and developing resources, implementing  enabling technologies such as BPM and Business Process  Monitoring/Measurement and organizing, prioritizing and governing  process improvement projects. 


MISSION INSIGHT Lean 6-sigma experts help clients achieve operational speed,  quality, cost reduction and customer satisfaction in the delivery of  products and services. We help clients address strategic priorities and  transform operations by removing waste and driving high-quality business  processes through the integration of the proven improvement  methodologies of Lean (Speed) and Six Sigma (Quality).

Our Lean Six Sigma services drive broad cultural change, create a common  operations language and place great emphasis on creating the internal  capability required for continuous improvements. 


Assessing the maturity of a process requires a multi-dimensional viewpoint, which involves breaking down the key elements of  high-performance process, and understanding if desired outcomes are clearly defined, if process has clear ownership and performance  accountability, if the process is streamlined, optimized, consistent and  standard, and if process effectiveness measured with enabling  technologies in place to achieve excellence.

ISA  performs a comprehensive review to identify the exact processes that  frame the opportunity for improvement thereby reducing cycle times &  waste, and increasing efficiencies & quality. We identify and help  customer better manage complexities, which results in revenue growth as  well as cost reduction.

While the savings are significant, large  benefits come from achieving a better understanding of customer  needs–and that leads to improved customer satisfaction, faster turnover  and ultimately, higher revenues and margins.