MISSION INSIGHT is a certified "Veterans Owned Small Business" (VOSB) with a "reach-out" mission to transform our Veterans that have served our country into highly valued business consultants. Our firm focuses on Market Intelligence for your business.    


MISSION INSIGHT is excited to partner with other Veteran Owned Small Business teams, Government 'set-asides' or Prime Contractors in support of the Federal acquisition strategy.

MISSION INSIGHT can be found on the GovTribe Government acquisition tool! 

Join our team to get our 'Veterans Working For America Again!'




541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

MISSION INSIGHT' s core capability is to provide Market Intelligence 'INSIGHTS' to drive business & operational strategies to strengthen your bottom line. 

Administrative management consulting services

Program & Project Management
Site selection consulting services
Financial management (except investment advice) consulting services
Strategic planning consulting services
General management consulting services 

541613 - Marketing Consulting Services

With the 'INSIGHTS' obtained with our break-through approach in Market Intelligence, we are armed with the most current & actionable data to drive your marketing demands.

Customer services management consulting services
New product development consulting services
Marketing management consulting services
Sales management consulting services 

Proof of Concept

Feasibility studies

Gap analysis studies

541614 - Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services

With the business & operational processing 'INSIGHTS' obtained with our break-through approach in Market Intelligence, we have the capabilities to deploy a Lean/Six Sigma approach to your processes and remove process inefficiencies that are draining your bottom line.

Productivity improvement consulting services
Inventory planning and control management consulting services
Governance & reporting metrics management consulting services
Manufacturing management consulting services 

541513 - Computer Facilities Management Services

MISSION INSIGHT operating under our ITILv3 ITSM Service Offerings can address all your IT Service performance with process efficiencies, such as Incident Management, Disaster Recovery, Change & Release & Availability Management to name a few of the ITILv3 processes. 


541618 - Other Management Consulting Services

MISSION INSIGHT is positioned to be your partner in all of your 'problem-solving' projects. Our experience below highlights our 'plug & play' capabilities that have generated positive results in many different industries.

How do we do this?  It is all about sticking to the 'forensic data' available.  As in most cases, when quality data is not available, we have the 'know-how' to embed our team where it matters most - with those that are working the process! 

Download MISSION INSIGHT Capability Statement

For more information about MISSION INSIGHT capabilities, please download MISSION INSIGHT Capability Statement



MISSION INSIGHT deploys a set of "early-warning" MI RADARS & other INTEL Solutions that provides visibility & transparency into your competitive landscape and transmits your competitive "Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats" into our Six Sigma process improvement pipeline to further enhance your business success.


MISSION INSIGHT's deployment of it's proprietary Market Intelligence solutions will identify effective ways to increase your revenues.  


MISSION INSIGHT deploys cost reduction strategies & tools such as Six Sigma, LEAN & IT Systems ITSM ITILv3 methodologies to drive cost reduction strategies. 

Organizational Change Management (ADKAR) is deployed & identified KPI metrics are monitored to ensure your organization adapts to the improvements. 



Robert Isenhart

President & CEO -  Robert, graduated Magna Cum Laude  from the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business  with a Business - Marketing Degree. He is a U.S. Marine, and a certified  Six Sigma Black Belt that understands that the Six Sigma methodology is  not a one size model that fits all, but is a model that must be adapted  to fit the culture and appetite of the business. He also is a certified  ITILv3 ITSM Planning, Protection & Optimization (PPO) professional.  Robert has extensive operational experience in the Aerospace industry with NASA, FAA A&P Licensed Mechanic & Business Development  experience as well as Healthcare industry, Property & Casualty  industry, Military Base Ops Support (USAFE), M&A experience &  Data Analytics. 


MISSION INSIGHT's commitment is to reach out to our returning Veterans - America's Team, and deploy their leadership & problem solving skills into your business environment to improve your business position.  Who knows how to respond better to unforeseen challenges than our Veterans. 

We are currently building a Market Intelligence unit to deploy to our clients.  If you have the experience & are interested CONNECT with MISSION INSIGHT.

Our Experience



 "Rob is an excellent program manager; very  much detail oriented and exhibits a great sense of urgency and  dedication. It was a pleasure to work with Rob on Sourcing engagements  that required a in depth knowledge of infrastructure set up,Data  Security, resource management and deep knowledge of processes between  various segments of IT and Security. Rob was able to work with all our  project managers to resolve any issue during any phase of the project."

November 9, 2009, Vipul worked with Robert at The Hartford 


Vipul Vaishnav
Project Management Professional & Leader, Optum Technology - United Health Group , Hartford, CT


 "As the process manager for Enterprise  Availability & Capacity Management, Rob has been a wonderful leader,  role model, mentor, and teammate. His insight and understanding of the  process is of the highest level. Rob’s dedication, diligence, and  perseverance for Availability & Capacity Management are admirable  and a constant source of inspiration. He is always willing to  incorporate new ideas and to share his thoughts and perspective to make  them run as smoothly and efficient as possible. I strongly recommend Rob  and have found him to be a highly motivated, responsible, ethical, and  effective employee and a pleasure to work with."

December 8, 2011, Mark worked directly with Robert at The Hartford 


Mark Gionet
Capacity Planning Specialist at The Hartford


 "Robert provided exceptional support on a  highly visible project. He demonstrated a great deal of creativity and  innovation, and provided a significant contribution to the success of  the project. Strong performer and a pleasure to work with."

September 16, 2009, Rich worked with Robert at The Hartford 


Rich Maynes
Interim Chief Financial Officer at Earthwatch Institute


 "I personally interviewed & hired  Robert to join the Franchise Performance Group, (FPG) within  Unitedhealth Group. Robert is a loyal colleague & is very thorough  and competent in his process improvement responsibilities. He has the  unique ability to visually capture the "macro perspective" of a given  business process along with the "micro level" details that were required  to uncover the root causes that would lead to process improvement  efforts and the associated business benefits.

Robert has the  ability to build & manage business relationships to ensure a project  is completed on time and all objectives have been achieved. He was  selected to be part of the first initial wave of Six Sigma Black Belts  within the Operational Excellence program at Unitedhealth Group, and was  one of the first Black Belts to successfully complete his assigned Six  Sigma projects. I would not hesitate in extending an offer to Robert at  any time."

February 10, 2008, Semone managed Robert at UnitedHealth Group 


Semone Wagner
EVP, Operations at HMS


 "Rob and I worked together putting in  place roles and remote access solutions supporting a highly visible  offshore engagement with India. Rob's negotiation and project management  skills overcame tight deadlines and immature processes delivering on  time completely defined roles and remote access using Citrix. Rob is  highly recommended..."

February 6, 2008, Marc worked with Robert at The Hartford 


Marc Knudson
Operational Transaction Services at EY


 "I worked with Robert at United Healthcare  for about 8 months, during which we were engaged in a project that had  heavy regulatory restrictions. Roberts leadership, organizational skills  and understanding of Six Sigma and the DMAIC model was instrumental in  the success of the project."

January 28, 2008, James worked directly with Robert at UnitedHealth Group 


James Larson
Sr Information Security Specialist at US Bank


Business intelligence insight

Business Intelligence Insight

"MISSION INSIGHT" with it's business solutions has the ability to capture business intelligence "INSIGHT" from the Market Intelligence actions deployed with our tools. 

Our Value - Proposition: MI-Rapid Deployment capabilities act on this 'set' of MISSION INSIGHT  to better position your competitive stance by deploying improvements to your business strategies.

Think of MISSION INSIGHT as your 'in-house' MI-Rapid Deployment Market Intelligence & Process Improvement Capability. 

Our Analytical Approach

MISSION INSIGHT deployment of solutions include a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities. 

A Market Intelligence capability is designed & implemented to support your organization's success. 

Deployment of proven data analytic methods are used to identify  process improvement strategies that address key Market Intelligence insights.    

Operational governance is activated to ensure all improvements are maintained & the  KPI's are achieved.

Our Success is Your Success

We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. Whether you are just starting out, or need to redevelop your brand, we can work with you to identify your "Market Landscape" and lead your business to success. 

Let MISSION INSIGHT be your trusted partner in driving strategic insight that translates to success.   



MISSION INSIGHT deploys a "military-like" mindset in providing seamless 'End 2 End' business improvement solutions deploying Six Sigma, ITILv3, Change Management - ADKAR & Market Intelligence to manage your business risks and driving continuous process improvements related to operational, IT, marketing, pricing & product strategies. 


Our mission at MISSION INSIGHT is to work with America's Veterans to get them working for you! Our Veterans have proven their problem-solving & get-it-done skills on the battlefields. 

Our team is like a military "Rapid - Deployment Unit" with expertise in process design & definition, IT governance & managed services transition & implementation, market & competitive intelligence, M&A, compliance, training, and staffing. 


Isenhart Strategic Alliance, Inc, dba "MISSION INSIGHT" is a Veterans Administration "Certified" Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).

This government certification serves as our "Contracting Vehicle" & we welcome all opportunities to partner on government contracts that require a VOSB  set-aside component.

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